The essence of your being…
...your vibrant spirit...
and everything that makes you distinctly you.
Let's capture your individuality and turn it into art!


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Whether you know it or not, you are a masterpiece, and truly one of a kind. Your laughter, the twinkle in your eyes as they light up with passion, your half-smile when you’re not sure it’s okay to get excited just yet…

These are the parts of you that tell your unique story. You may not realize it, but you’re so beautiful in so many different ways.

So, let’s uncover that beauty through my lens, and showcase your personality, your style, your essence – and all the things that make you irreplaceably you. Let’s freeze time for a moment, and capture who you are – and what makes you beautiful – in this very moment.

After all, the past is fixed and the future is still uncertain – but the present is real, and all we truly have.

Have you ever paused to recognize what makes you, well, you?

Your everyday moments are truly beautiful…

So, that subtle smile that plays on your lips when you think about a distant memory; the intensity in your eyes when you talk about your dreams; and your unguarded moments of genuine emotion – they deserve to be preserved, because they won’t ever be exactly the same again.

I mean, your story is still in the making, and you're constantly changing & transforming as you drift through time.

So, let’s turn your individuality & uniqueness into art, placed in a time-capsule through my photos. And capture everything that makes you real and incredibly, uniquely stunning TODAY.

“…wow, you’re beautiful!”

Imagine feeling a sense of pride as you see yourself portrayed in a way that reflects your inner strength, beauty, and individuality…

“My fiancé and I couldn’t have made a better decision to choose Chara as our photographer! She made the effort to know what WE want and who we are as a couple prior to the shoot and created a mood board based on what we had in mind.

Being the first timers that we are, we didn’t feel any pressure during the session and she allowed us to be us which truly reflected on the photos! We’re just in awe of how beautiful each photos turned out, so we’re definitely booking her again! Highly highly highly recommend her!!”

— Harley & Hazel

Get breathtaking portraits that showcase the essence of everything that makes you, YOU

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I did a photo shoot with my partner and we seriously got some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken together we absolutely love them. Chara was super nice and made the experience really memorable. I would definitely recommend her.

— Clint

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