If you’re in the midst of your wedding planning frenzy, you’ve probably come across the challenge of choosing your wedding photographer.

And this is no easy task.

I mean, you’re booking someone to capture all the best moments of one of the most important days of your life: the day you’re getting married. You’re choosing someone to join your closest circle of loved ones and witness some of the most intimate and emotional moments of your lives.

So, it’s safe to say that choosing the perfect photographer is an important decision, and you’ll have TONS of things to consider. Being available on your wedding date is obvious. And you’ll also want a photographer who’s photography packages are within your budget as well.

But is that really it?

Well, for some couples it might be, especially if they’ve put off booking their photographer till the last minute.

But, as with other wedding vendors, you have a better chance to find “The One” if you actually put some time & effort into getting to know your photographer before taking the leap. And knowing the right questions to ask your photographer could easily mean the difference between finding a good wedding photographer – and a perfect one.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

So in this blog post, I’m here to give you the top 4 not-so-obvious questions you should ask before taking the leap and booking your wedding photographer for your wedding date.

1. Does your wedding photographer “get” you?

Choosing a wedding photographer is kind of like choosing a spouse.
Okay, well, maybe not exactly like marrying someone. But hear me out!

Your wedding photographer should be someone who “gets” you completely. Someone who understands your vibe and knows how to capture your essence in those forever immortalized wedding photos. It’s almost like your wedding photographer needs to have a sixth sense of your personality and be able to channel that into their photography.

After all, your love story is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. And the right wedding photographer for you will do everything they can to understand it deeply. They’ll spend time with you (at least on video calls) to get to know your journey, your quirks, what makes you blush or laugh…

By taking the time to do all these things, they’ll be able to capture emotions that are raw, real, and beautiful. They’ll become a silent part of your love story. They’ll be someone who will not only see the flood of emotions unfolding on your wedding day. But will also capture them, authentically and beautifully.

So, you don’t want some random photographer who just sees you as yet another client.
You don’t want someone who’s gonna snap a few generic shots and call it a day.

No, you deserve someone who understands that you’re a unique individual with quirks and charm that deserve to be celebrated. Someone who looks at you and says, “I know exactly how to capture your love story in a way that reflects who you truly are.”

Your wedding is not the time to settle. So, don’t settle for just any photographer…

Find someone who sees the real you – the version of you that shines when you’re together with your partner – and is able to translate that into a visual masterpiece.

Look for someone who smiles when they see you. Who can envision the perfect shots before they even take them. And who genuinely invests in your story. Because if that connection is there, you can guarantee that your wedding photos will be nothing short of spectacular.

And hey, if you happen to find a photographer who also enjoys the same guilty pleasure TV shows or hobbies as you do, well, that’s just the icing on the wedding cake!

2. Will they make you feel comfortable on your wedding day?

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right?

So, any good photographer should proactively help you feel good & relaxed throughout your entire wedding. Sure, they’ll help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. But, your perfect photographer should go the extra mile to make you feel like a superstar on your special day.

I mean, who needs a photographer that just stands in the corner with a camera and says nothing?

No, you want someone who will crack jokes, make you laugh, and ease the tension. You deserve to feel comfortable on your big day, and a talented photographer can make that happen. They will have the ability to blend seamlessly into the crowd, capturing all those candid moments without making you feel like you’re in a photo shoot.

You’ll spend a day with this person, and they just might become your best friend for the day. They’ll make sure you’re having the best day ever, all while capturing all the love, laughter, and embarrassing dance moves that you want to remember.

So again: don’t settle. Find a wedding photographer who will bring out the best in you, make you feel like a million bucks, and capture the true essence of your wedding day. Trust me, with the perfect photographer by your side, your wedding album will be a work of art and a fantastic conversation starter at future family gatherings. 

3. Do you like their wedding photography style?

Many photographers can capture your wedding with great photos.

But when it comes to finding the perfect wedding photographer for you, you’ll want to find someone who’s style of photography makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.

So, before you hire a photographer, feel free to ask to see a full gallery of your wedding photographer’s work to get a sense of the style of their wedding photographs.

If their galleries look different than what you envision for your wedding day, then they’re probably not the right photographer for you.

It might also be a good idea to hire them for an engagement session or pre-wedding bridal photoshoot. Obviously this is a great way to get to know each other better – and this is already a huge win.

But more importantly, this will give you a chance to get a feel of what it’s like to work with them – and maybe even help them fine-tune their style for your big day.

And don’t worry about seaming a bit nosy: any great photographer will appreciate your ideas & feedback. And use them to help you bring your vision for your wedding day to life.

4. Do they have an eye for the right moments to capture?

As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve been to all kinds of different weddings. And while each was beautiful in their own unique way, each had one thing in common…

Every wedding I’ve been to (and trust me, I’ve been to A LOT of weddings) was filled with unplanned, spontaneous little moments, in which the true magic of the day resided.

The bride & groom’s anxious smile as they wait to walk down the aisle. The way they lock their eyes to each other, the way they admire each other…

These fleeting moments last for just a fraction of a second. Before you even get the chance to comprehend what happened, they’re already gone.

Now, true wedding photography is more than simply being in the right place at the right time. It’s a delicate art that combines skills, imagination, and a deep understanding of human emotions. It’s about finding that perfect moment, that fleeting glance, that silent tear. And freezing it in time.

So look for someone who has an eye for these special little moments. Make sure your photographer understands when – and where – these fractions of a second will happen, before they actually unfold before your eyes.

So as they adjust their lens and look through their viewfinder, they’ll already see the beauty of the moment about to happen. And they’ll be ready to push the button on their camera, to freeze it for you for all of eternity.

Hey, if you’re still looking for your dream photographer, let’s talk! I’m a wedding photographer from North Carolina, and I would love to be the one to create all your favorite wedding photos on your big day. Click here to have a quick chat – no strings attached – and see if I’m still available for your date! 

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