If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you may have already thought about incorporating some of the latest wedding trends into your big day.

But what about wedding photography? Are there any new trends on that front? And if so, which ones should you consider for your big day?

Now, before you think: “Great, another article telling me how my wedding photos should look.” – this is NOT one of those articles.

In fact, I’m here as an experienced wedding photographer from North Carolina to help you sift through the fluff and get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s gonna make Aunt Edna drop (…her mimosa in awe when she flips through your wedding album).

Before we dig into the real stuff, though, it’s important to note that trends in wedding photography do change every few years. So if you’re looking for a list of the “come & go” wedding photography trends in 2024 – this article is not for you.

But if you’re ready to shake off old trends, and experiment with some of the latest fun ideas that will make your photos as unique as your spouse’s dance moves – then this article is definitely for you!

Embracing candid moments on your wedding day

Remember those overly posed wedding photos that looked like everyone was waiting for the dentist in their Sunday best?

Well, kiss those days goodbye!

The trend now is all about capturing you and your guests in the wild – mid-laugh, mid-dance move, or even mid-cake face-stuffing. Think less “say cheese”, more “ha – caught you sneaking a second slice of wedding cake”. It’s about the real, unscripted moments that show the joy, the tears, and the electric slide disasters.

Now, I’m not suggesting your wedding photographer should be lurking in the bushes (unless that’s your thing – no judgment).

But let’s throw out the rulebook that says everything on your wedding day needs to be picture-perfect. Spoiler alert: it won’t be – no matter how hard you try.

And that’s not just okay – it’s downright beautiful. I mean, the trend of embracing the imperfectly perfect is a breath of fresh air. Because when you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll want to see the genuine happiness and personality of your day – and NOT a lineup of mannequins sporting bow ties.

So, make sure your photos celebrate your love story – but also those little hiccups that make your day uniquely yours…

…the best man’s tie slightly askew as he delivers his speech.
…the flower petals that don’t quite make it down the aisle.
…or the frosting smudge on your spouse’s nose.

After all, this is where the real magic happens – in the unscripted, the unplanned, and the unexpected. These are the moments that invite you to find beauty in the reality of your day – and NOT just in the fantasy you’ve pinned on your board. It’s about capturing the laughter that comes from those “oops” moments because, in the end, they often become the most treasured tales.

So prepare for your photographer to go full ninja-mode and capture candid moments all throughout your wedding. Ask them to look out for those spontaneous moments that you’ll really want to remember – like your flower girl flossing or your grandpa breaking out his infamous disco moves. These are the shots that’ll make you spit your morning coffee out laughing years down the road.

And isn’t that what you want from a photo? Emotions? Feelings? Genuine memories?

Moody, muted, and timeless wedding photos

In an age where yesterday’s trend can feel like last century’s news, there’s a growing desire to capture wedding memories that stand the test of time…

So let me introduce you to timeless photography – the visual equivalent of that classic little black dress or dapper tuxedo that never really goes out of style.

Now – in case you’re still wondering – timeless photography isn’t about hopping on the bandwagon of what’s hot today and gone tomorrow. No, it’s about creating a collection of photos that you’ll be as proud to show off on your 50th anniversary as you are today.

I mean, just think about it: when your grandkids are flipping through your wedding album, we want them to be awestruck by the beauty and emotion of the day, not distracted by dated effects or transient gimmicks.

So, I’m talking a unique approach to wedding photography that’s all about photography with a clean, classic look – natural poses, genuine emotions, and an emphasis on the timeless rather than the trendy.

A style that strikes the perfect balance between contemporary & classic – between modern technology and tradition – to ensure your wedding photos will always be cherished heirlooms.

This means that it’s time to wave goodbye to the blindingly bright hues that made every photo feel like it should be accompanied by a squirt of sunscreen. And embrace stunning wedding photos with moodier tones and muted elegance instead.

Now, before you panic, this isn’t about making your wedding look gloomy, or looking like they’ve been filtered through a pair of your grandma’s vintage sunglasses. Far from it, actually!

You’ll still get the crisp whites, the popping prosecco bubbles, and the blush of excitement on your cheeks. It’s just that now they’ll be nestled amongst tones that will add a dash of sophistication and a pinch of that “I can’t put my finger on it, but these photos just feel beautiful” vibe.

So, make sure you choose a photographer who can capture these timeless moments – and has an editing style that will preserve the beauty of your special moments for decades to come.

Because while trends may come and go, true style – just like true love – is forever…
…and who doesn’t want a love story that’s built to last?

Drone photography, videography, and the great outdoors

Gone are the days of cramming into a tiny booth at your wedding venue, with a questionable selection of props and a curtain that has seen better days.

In 2024, the great outdoors has become the ultimate photo booth backdrop – opening up SO MANY options to create breathtakingly beautiful photos!

More and more couples want majestic mountains, serene beaches, vibrant urban landscapes, or enchanted forests as the stages for their love stories – and it’s not hard to understand why!

Imagine drone shots of your wedding guests gathering for a group photo. Or having your couple’s photoshoot during golden hour. Or the bride’s veil wrangling in the breeze, or even dealing with a squirrel who keeps on photobombing…

I mean, if you can – then why not leverage the beauty of your surroundings to create epic, jaw-dropping photos?

You can’t beat the natural lighting, you’ll have TONS of space (and fun), and nature’s unpredictability will also add a bit of charm to each and every photograph. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying you should ditch all your indoor photos. But why not have the best of both worlds?

Crafting stories – and telling them in your wedding album

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a carefully curated sequence of images from your special day is the next best thing to a bestselling novel about your love story. Wedding photography is no longer just about capturing single, standalone shots. It’s about weaving a visual narrative that tells the tale of your wedding from your first look to your last dance.

Picture this: a sequence that starts with the suspenseful first glimpse of your outfits, builds through the crescendo of the ‘I dos’, and winds down with the relaxed, candid revelry of the reception.

So now, photographers – at least the good ones – are becoming more like storytellers, capturing and arranging images in a way that allows you to relive the day in order. Our jobs now include creating a storyline that pulls at the heartstrings and tickles the funny bone in equal measure.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want their wedding day immortalized with the narrative depth of an Oscar-winning film?

So, get ready to relive all the feels, excitement, and joy of your beautiful day once more as you flip through your album…

…the anticipation in the groom’s eyes transform into elation.
…or the journey of a single tear making its way down the cheek of an emotional bridesmaid.
…the speech that got you cracking up at first, then had you burst into silent tears at the end.

These sequences will be the chapters of your wedding day story, each one rich with emotion and brimming with personality.

The best wedding photography trend is YOUR trend

On the same note, imagine opening your wedding album and seeing not just photos, but echoes of your own unique love story…

THIS is what personalization in wedding photography is all about – it’s less about following a template and more about tailoring every snap to the narrative of your relationship.

Finding the quirks and inside jokes that make your relationship yours and then translating them into images – now that’s a trend I can stand by!

Now, this level of customization means that your wedding photos become as unique as a fingerprint – no two love stories are the same, so why should your albums be?

For you, making your wedding photos truly yours might mean scouting out locations that hold special meaning to you both, or incorporating elements from your favorite hobbies and pastimes into the shoot. Or maybe it’s recreating your awkward first date at the local diner, or capturing that secret handshake you think no one knows about (spoiler alert: your photographer knows – we know everything). 

And before you get the wrong impression: it’s not just for kicks and giggles. It’s about creating a visual legacy that truly represents who you are as a couple. So when you look back at these photos, you won’t just see a beautiful day – you’ll see yourselves: your humor, your passion, and all the little things that add up to your big love.

So let’s throw the cookie-cutter out the window and bake up something that’s all you. Get ready to brainstorm and share what makes you YOU with your photographer. Because in the end, the best memories are the ones that are unmistakably, irrevocably, unapologetically you.

That concludes the new trends in wedding photography that you might want to keep your eye on. 2024 is all about being bold, embracing the imperfectly perfect, and being true to yourselves. So, let your wedding photographs reflect that! And hey, if you’re still looking for the right wedding photographer to capture your beautiful day, make sure to check out my galleries – or get in touch to have a FREE consultation call about how I can help you bring your vision to life.

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