If you’re planning your wedding, one of the very first (and arguably: most important) decisions is picking your wedding date.

Now, before you cast your votes for the coveted Saturday slot, let me nudge you gently (well, as gently as a photographer with a hefty camera can) towards an unconventional choice: weekday weddings.

I know what you’re thinking – “A weekday?! But why would I want my guests to take a day off work?”

But stick with me here…

What if I told you that choosing a weekday for your big day could magically transform some of your biggest wedding woes into wonders?

That’s right! From saving your bank account to having the pick of the litter when it comes to venues and vendors, and even making your guest list decisions a tad easier (I mean, we’ve all got those obligatory invites) – opting for a weekday soiree definitely has its pros and cons.

So fasten your seatbelts – or rather, tighten those bow ties and straighten those veils – because we’re about to dive into the top 4 reasons why a wedding on a weekday might be better than choosing a Saturday or Sunday.

1. Hosting a weekday wedding will save you money

Okay, okay, money can’t buy happiness.

But money can buy you a luxury honeymoon, build you a home, and put your future kids through college. So, if you can have your dream wedding while paying less for it – then why not?

Between the floral arrangements that cost as much as a small island and the catering prices that make you want to pivot to a potluck, it’s no wonder many couples are searching for ways to stretch their dollars without compromising on their dream day.

Well, here’s an easy way to save a few bucks on your big day: have your special day midweek.

1.1 Secure your dream venue – with a discount

Imagine walking into the venue of your dreams, the one that had you at “hello” – but instead of forking over a small fortune, you’re greeted with open arms and a significantly lighter price tag.

Now, while this might sound like a fantasy – it’s not.

Many venues offer discounts for weddings during the week because, let’s face it, those days are the wallflowers of the wedding world. So, this is your chance to snag that enchanting castle or chic urban loft without the royal price tag.

1.2 Better prices from vendors

Just like venues, many photographers, caterers, bands, and florists have more breathing room in their schedules during the week. And in case you’re wondering: this often translates to better rates for you.


Because most vendors have more breathing room from Monday through Thursday meaning you can finally get the A-team without paying for the “Saturday premium”.

And believe it or not, even your dream dress might come with a sweeter deal and actually fit your wedding budget. Bridal shops often have quieter weekdays and might offer discounts or throw in alterations for free. It’s like happy hour, but for wedding gowns.

1.3 Lower minimum spend requirements

Some venues and caterers have minimum spend requirements that could make even a billionaire blink.

But the beauty of a weekday wedding?

These minimums often drop faster than the bass in your favorite dance track. This means more room in your budget for that extra tier on your cake or the open bar extension.

1.4 Lower airfare & accommodation costs

Let’s not forget about your out-of-town guests either (or yourselves, if you’re planning a destination wedding).

Hotel rates and even flights can be cheaper during the week – making it easier for your beloved Aunt Marge to attend without breaking her piggy bank, or for you to get married at your dream location anywhere in the world.

Now, I get it: the allure of a weekend wedding is strong, and it’s the norm for a good reason. Still, the financial benefits of planning a weekday wedding are undeniable – and if you want to dream big, but spend not-so-big, then it just might be the perfect way to bring your vision to life.

2. Immediate access to your dream wedding venues and vendors

Okay, so we’ve talked about getting better deals. So, let’s shift gears and talk availability too.

I know all too well how it feels to finally find the perfect venue – a place so perfect, in fact, that it feels like it was plucked straight from your Pinterest board. Only to discover that their next available Saturday is sometime during the next presidential election.

Heartbreaking, right?

But what if you stopped clinging to Saturdays – and weekend dates altogether?

2.1 The venue you want – when you want it

By considering a Thursday wedding (or any other weekday), you’re not just opening the door to savings; you’re unlocking a whole new world of possibilities.

Those sought-after venues that are booked out years in advance for weekends? They suddenly become a realistic option.

Now, this doesn’t only apply to your ceremony and reception spots – but also rehearsal dinner locations, brunch spots, and even those picturesque photo locations that are usually swamped on weekends.

And with more availability comes greater flexibility too!

Need to tweak the timing of your ceremony or want to extend the reception by an hour? With a weekday wedding, venues (and vendors) have more wiggle room to accommodate your requests. This flexibility can be a game-changer when customizing your day to match your vision perfectly.

2.2 Top-tier wedding vendors at your fingertips

Ever had your heart set on a specific band, only to find out they’re booked out every Saturday till the next leap year?

Again, weekdays are your secret weapon. The best photographers, florists, DJs, and caterers – the ones who usually require booking at least 2 years in advance – are suddenly much more accessible.

Plus, with fewer events on their plate, your vendors can dedicate more time & energy to making your day special. This means that the creative floral arrangement you’ve envisioned or the intricate photo shoot you’ve dreamed of is entirely within reach.

To summarize: choosing a weekday doesn’t just mean you get more options – it means you get better options.

It’s about turning the “What ifs” into “Why nots” and transforming the pressure of securing your dream team into the pleasure of seeing your wedding vision come to life.

3. You’ll get to trim down your guest list

So, putting together your guest list starts off as one of the funnest parts of your wedding planning process. You include your nearest and dearest: your close families, a few old friends, and maybe that cool cousin you always got along with.

But then the list starts growing. And it grows. Until suddenly, you’re considering inviting your mom’s hairdresser’s nephew because, well, feelings.

But what if I told you that choosing a weekday could naturally slim down your guest list without making you the villain?

3.1 “Natural selection” leaves you with fewer guests

Choosing a weekday for your wedding is like sending out a VIP invitation that only the most eager and able can accept.

After all, it’s not about excluding people – it’s about prioritizing those who can make it. I mean, your best friend would be willing to take time off from work and do what it takes to be there for your special day. But your dad’s golf buddy’s neighbor would probably not.

So, this often means a more intimate gathering with the folks who matter the most to you – and to whom you truly matter too. Plus, it cuts down on the “obligation invites” since not everyone will be able (or willing) to take time off work.

3.2 Quality over quantity

With a smaller number of guests present, each interaction becomes more meaningful.

After all, a smaller, more intimate wedding opens up unique opportunities for experiences that just aren’t possible with a larger crowd. Think group wine tastings, private boat tours, or gourmet dinners where every guest has a front-row seat to the magic.

And instead of a whirlwind of quick hellos and goodbyes, you’ll have the chance to spend quality time with your closest loved ones. It will also give guests the chance to spend quality time with you – and become active participants in your beautiful day, rather than just spectators.

This, in turn, will transform your day into a collection of cherished moments rather than a blur of faces. It will feel more special. More intimate. More meaningful.

3.3 Fewer guests can trim your wedding budget too

Okay, so we’ve already talked about how booking a weekday wedding can help you plan your dream wedding with a smaller budget.

But there’s one aspect we didn’t cover – yet. A smaller guest list naturally means lower costs on nearly every front: catering, rentals, favors, and even venue size.

This allows you to allocate funds to what truly enhances your day. Like, hello, dream photographer (just saying – wink, wink).

3.4 You’re more likely to secure the venue of your dreams

And with a trimmed down guest list, venues that were once too small will suddenly become perfect fits.

That cozy historic home or the quaint garden you fell in love with? Suddenly they’re not just feasible; they’re perfect. And because you’re booking on a weekday, remember, you’ve got the pick of the litter.

4. Extend your festivities from mid-week into the weekend

Now, who said that choosing a weekday means you’re missing out on the fun?

Quite the opposite! By opting for a weekday wedding, you’re not putting a limit on the celebration; you’re giving yourself the option to extend it both before and after the “main event”.

Just imagine, for example, that your wedding is on a Thursday.

That means the days leading up to it can be filled with smaller gatherings, like a welcome dinner on Tuesday or a casual get-together on Wednesday.

These pre-wedding activities not only build excitement but also allow for more quality time with guests who’ve traveled far and wide. It’s the perfect way to start the celebrations early and make everyone feel included and valued (for your traveling guests, this can also turn your big day into a mini-vacation).

And after your big day on Thursday?

Well, then comes the weekend, when instead of waving goodbye to your guests as they rush off the next morning, you get to bask in the afterglow of your nuptials. Imagine a relaxed brunch, a day out exploring, or even a mini-getaway with your closest friends and family.

The weekend becomes an opportunity for everyone to unwind, connect, and reminisce about the wedding day magic. It transforms your wedding from a single-day event into an unforgettable experience, creating memories that last far beyond the “I dos”.

Plus, extending your wedding into the weekend takes the pressure off cramming everything into one day, so you can truly savor every moment.

So, a weekday wedding means giving yourself the gift of time – time to celebrate, time to connect, and time to enjoy the start of your married life surrounded by those who matter most.

And really, what could be better than that?

Ultimately, choosing a weekday to say “I do” is like finding a secret garden behind a hidden door. And in this case, the path less traveled offers its own set of sparkling benefits

But remember, at the heart of it all, your wedding is about celebrating the unique love story that belongs to you and your partner. Whether it unfolds on a sunny Saturday morning or a starlit Thursday night, the magic lies in the moments you share and the memories you create together.

So, there’s no right or wrong way to plan a wedding. Only your way.

If you’re feeling inspired to break away from the Saturday tradition and embrace the charm of a weekday wedding, know that an extraordinary experience awaits. But if your hearts are set on a Saturday – then don’t let anyone plague your hearts with doubt.

And hey, if you’re on the lookout for a photographer who not only embraces but revels in capturing the unique spirit of weekday weddings, well, you might just be in luck.

With a knack for catching those candid moments of pure bliss and a love for celebrating love in all its forms, I’m here to ensure that your wedding photos are as beautifully authentic as your love story.

Get in touch to discover how I can help you bring your fairytale day to life – any day of the week!

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